100GPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant

100GPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fenigal/OEM
Certification: CE/NSF etc.
Model Number: SWRO-100~10000LPD,5-12

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wood Crate/Carton or Naked wrapped by film
Delivery Time: 15~30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc.
Supply Ability: 50 set per month
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Detail Information

Recovery Rate: 8~40% Feed TDS/ppm: <42,000
Water Temp.: 5~35˚C PH: 4~9
Dissolved Iron Mg/L: <0.1 Material: SS304/SS316L,carbon Steel
Voltage: 380V,415V,220V,can Be Customized Application: Water Purification,Filtration,pharmceutical,drinking Water,food
Function: Water Purifying, Desalination Control: Electronic,Manual/PLC
Ro Membrane: Hydranautics Or DOW,4040 Pump: Danfoss/CAT/CNP
High Light:

100GPD seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant


SS304 seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant


100GPD sea water RO system

Product Description

100GPD Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant

Boat yacht water maker seawater desalination reverse osmosis plant 100~10000GPD


Choosing the right watermaker for boats

Before advancements in technology, having a water maker aboard a cruising boat was considered as a desirable luxury item. Today, most sailboats carry a reverse osmosis system, which improves the overall experience of setting sail, specifically in areas where freshwater is unavailable. While water makers might not be required for boats near dockside, boaters cruising throughout offshore locations depend on the sailboat water maker for daily hydration. Long-term voyages on sea is made much more convenient with a quality watermaker onboard and possible for boaters who dream about living living off the grid. Other basic necessities such as showering and cooking are made possible by sailing with a cruise ro watermaker.


Low Flow Marine Based Watermakers
100 up to 1,000 GALLONS PER DAY
SW100 100 GPD ( 375 LPD)
SW200 200GPD ( 750 LPD)
SW300 300 GPD (1125 LPD)
SW600 600 GPD (2270 LPD)
SW800 800 GPD (3000 LPD)
SW1000 1000 GPD (3875 LPD)
High Flow Marine Based Watermakers
1,500 up to 10,000 GALLONS PER DAY
SW1500 1,500 GPD ( 5,670 LPD)
SW2000 2,000 GPD ( 7,500 LPD)
SW3000 3,000 GPD (11,350 LPD)
SW4500 4,500 GPD (17,000 LPD)
SW6000 6,000 GPD (22,700 LPD)
SW8000 8,000 GPD (30,280 LPD)
SW10K 10,000 GPD (37,850 LPD)



System Specifications:

Stage 1: Five micron Sediment pre-filter that reduces sediment, sand, silt, and rust particles that may be in your water supply.

Stage 2: A heavy duty Five Micron lead and chemical reducing carbon block filter (LVOC). This specially formulated block is capable of reducing lead as well as harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals. These water contaminants comes from a variety of sources including localized use of herbicides and pesticides, gasoline or oil spill.

Stage 3: Improved FILMTEC™ seawater reverse osmosis elements offer the highest productivity while maintaining excellent salt rejection. FILMTEC SW membrane elements have the highest flow rates available to meet the water demands of both sea-based and land-based desalinators. FILMTEC SW elements operate at lower pressure to reduce cost, and operating expenses.
Improved FILMTEC seawater membrane combined with automated, precision element fabrication result in the most consistent product performance available.

Stage 4: Extruded activated carbon filter consist of virgin activated carbon powder, a thermoplastic binder, and specialty adsorbents such as zeolites oxidizing filtration media. The filters are manufactured as continuous lengths of rod, tube, slab, flexible flat sheet, or as other complex shapes using a proprietary solid-state extrusion process. The resulting products are highly porous and extremely uniform, providing high performance adsorption and particulate reduction at low flow resistance when fabricated into finished filter elements.
Extruded activated carbon filters meet exacting performance requirements and/or claims, and specific models are registered as meeting the requirements of NSF/ANSI for VOCs and THMs reduction, particulate, cyst, turbidity, lead reduction, chlorine taste and odor reduction, and other requirements relating to purity and safety of their materials of construction.

Stage 5: Ultraviolet disinfection is a means of killing or rendering harmless microorganisms in a dedicated environment. These microorganisms can range from bacteria and viruses to algae and protozoa. Ultra Violet disinfection is used to disinfect and sterilize Permeate Product Water after the Desalination Process. A major advantage of UV treatment is that it is capable of disinfecting water faster than chlorine without cumbersome retention tanks and harmful chemicals. UV treatment systems are also extremely cost efficient!


Emergency Portable Seawater Desalination Watermakers

In the case of Natural Disasters or wars or for small boats, portable Watermaker is a very simple system and is designed to convert Seawater to Pure Drinking Water within seconds with just a push of a button. This Watermaker will also purify Well Water or Surface Water and convert it to Potable Drinking Water Standards set by the WHO. This Portable Watermaker can be designed to operate using DC

or AC Power as per customer requirement.


Model Flowrate (GPD/LPH) Dimensions (LxDxH) Weight Voltage
AMR150 150 GPD | 23.7 LPH 22” x 19” x 16” 90 lbs. | 41Kg. 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR220 220 GPD | 34.5 LPH 22” x 19” x 16” 110 lbs | 50Kg. 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC


Marine-Based Seawater Desalination Watermakers

Onshore Fresh SWRO Watermakers, designed for land use, can be fed directly from the sea or any beach well, and will convert seawater or salty brackish water to pure fresh drinking water. These systems are perfect for locations with no fresh or municipal water supplies such as remote areas, or smaller atolls and islands having no potable water sources.

Model Flowrate (GPD/LPH) Dimensions (LxDxH) Weight Voltage
AMR100 100 GPD | 15.8 LPH 15” x 23” x 15” 75 lbs.| 34 Kg. 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR200 200 GPD | 31.5 LPH 22” x 24” x 15” 90 lbs.| 40 Kg. 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR300 300 GPD | 47.0 LPH 22” x 24” x 15” 110 lbs.| 50 Kg 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR600 600 GPD | 94.6 LPH 22” x 24” x 15” 120 lbs. | 55 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR800 800 GPD | 126.0 LPH 22” x 24” x 18” 132 lbs. | 60 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR1000 1,000 GPD | 158.0 LPH 22” x 24” x 18” 145 lbs. | 66 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR1500 1,500 GPD | 236.5 LPH 52” x 24” x 26” 160 lbs. | 73 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR3000 3,000 GPD | 473.0 LPH 60” x 24” x 48” 245 lbs. | 112 Kg. 240/380/460VAC
AMR5000 5,000 GPD | 788.5 LPH 60” x 26” x 85” 350 lbs. | 159 Kg. 240/380/460VAC
AMR6000 6,000 GPD | 946.0 LPH 60” x 26” x 85” 650 lbs. | 295 Kg. 240/380/460VAC
AMR10K 10,000 GPD | 1577 LPH 96” x 40”x 85” 1200 lbs. | 546 Kg. 240/380/460VAC


Land-Based Seawater Desalination Watermakers:

Fully automated Custom Built Turnkey Seawater Desalination Systems including all necessary Pre-Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Process, and Post-Treatment, fully built on an Epoxy Powder Coated welded Aluminum or stainless steel Skid with Diamond Plate Base using excellent industrial practice and following manufacturer’s guidelines for every component.


Model Flowrate (GPD/m³/day) Dimensions (LxDxH) Weight Voltage
AMR500-LC 500 GPD | 1.9 m³/day 24” x 24” x 52” 350 lbs.| 160 Kg. 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR1500-LX 1,500 GPD | 5.7 m³/day 72” x 24” x 60” 750 lbs.| 340 Kg. 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR3000-LX 3,000 GPD | 11.4 m³/day 72” x 24” x 60” 875 lbs.| 400 Kg 24/48VDC / 110/240VAC
AMR5000-LX 5,000 GPD | 19.0 m³/day 72” x 30” x 60” 1,000 lbs. | 450 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR6000-LX 6,000 GPD | 22.7 m³/day 72” x 30” x 60” 1,150 lbs. | 525 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR9000-LX 9,000 GPD | 34.0 m³/day 96” x 48” x 74” 1,500 lbs. | 680 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR12K-LX 12,000 GPD | 45.4 m³/day 96” x 48” x 78” 1,750 lbs. | 800 Kg. 110/240VAC
AMR15K-LX 15,000 GPD | 56.8 m³/day 96” x 48” x 78” 7,500 lbs. | 3,400 Kg. 240/380/460VAC
AMR20K-LX 20,000 GPD | 75.7 m³/day 102” x 48” x 85” 9,500 lbs. | 4,320 Kg. 240/380/460VAC
AMR40K-LX 40,000 GPD | 151.4 m³/day 102” x 52” x 85” 11,850 lbs. | 5,400 Kg. 380/460VAC
AMR60K-LX 60,000 GPD | 227.0 m³/day 144” x 52”x 85” 13,750 lbs. | 6,250 Kg. 380/460VAC
AMR80K-LX 80,000 GPD | 302.8 m³/day 144” x 52”x 85” 14,500 lbs. | 6,590 Kg. 380/460VAC
AMR100K-LX 100,000 GPD | 378.5 m³/day 144” x 96”x 85” 16,450 lbs. | 7,480 Kg. 380/460VAC


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