• FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment

FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fenigal/OEM
Certification: CE/NSF etc.
Model Number: MFS-Soft

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wood Crate/Carton or Naked wrapped by film/Containerized
Delivery Time: 15~30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc.
Supply Ability: 200 set per month
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Detail Information

Technology: Pressurized Filtration Material: FRP
Design: Skid Mount/containerized Water Temp.: 5~35˚C
Water Flow Rate: Up To 30m3/h.vessel Voltage: 380V,415V,220V,can Be Customized
Application: Surface, Underground Water, Sewage Water Treatment Size: Dia.50cm~220cm
High Light:

15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment


380V Multimedia Filter Water Treatment


15m3/H activated carbon filter for water treatment

Product Description

FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment

Water treatment 15m3/hr FRP tank multimedia sand carbon filter to remove TSS and turbidity

Advantages of Multimedia Filtration

  • Relatively inexpensive, no recurring cost of consumables
  • Proven process and most tested forms of water treatment
  • Systems are robust with no moving parts inside the tanks
  • Modular control valves designed for operational flexibility
  • Filtration media is inexpensive and long-lasting
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Resistant to fouling (clogging)

Multimedia Filtration Operating Cycles

Service Cycle
Water flows downward through the media while solids accumulate in the media bed. The purified water passes through to downstream processes.

Backwash Cycle
When the filter begins to clog or when the head loss (pressure drop) through the bed increases, flow rates are reduced. To prevent degradation of water quality, the flow is reversed. This is directed by the control valve(s) to drain, carrying with it, the particulate matter that has built up during service. The required flow is specific to the media and is essential to proper cleaning of the media bed. For media filters, the backwash flow is always higher than the service flow rate.


Multi-media sand carbon filter


Multi-media filter using one or several filter media makes water of high turbidity flow through agranular ornon-agranular material of a certain thickness under a certain pressure, thereby effectively removing suspended impurities in the water and clarifying the water. The commonly used filter materials including quartz, anthracite and manganese sand, etc, are mainly used for turbidity removal of water treatment, water softening and pretreatment of pure water in preceding stages and outflow turbidity can be below 3 NTU.


The filter is mainly used for reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange as well as softening and demineralization system pretreatment and can also be used as coarse filtration of industry water supply with undemanding water quality, circulating cooling water, reuse water treatment of wastewater and recycled water, etc.



Activated carbon filter


Activated carbon filter is used for the removal of color, taste, residual chlorine and organics its main mode of action is adsorption. Activated carbon is an artificial sorbent. Activated carbon has developed pore structure and huge specific surface area, so it has a strong adsorption capacity for the dissolved organics in the water, such as benzene and phenolic compounds, and has better removal efficiency for organic pollutants which are hard to be removed by biological and chemical methods, such as chroma, stench, surfactants, synthetic detergents and dyes, etc.


Granular activated carbon is able to remove 85% of Ag A , Cr2 + and Cr04 A 2 in the water Through the activated carbon filter bed, the suspended solid in the water is less than 0.1 mg/L, COD removal rate is generally 40% to 50% and free chlorine is less than 0.1mg/I. It can be used as pretreatment of ion exchange, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis in pure water technology so as to remove organics, colloids and residual chlorine; it can be also used as an advanced treatment mean after the secondary treatment to ensure the quality of reusewater

FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment 0


Automatic Water Softener

Hardness of

raw water

Less than 8mmol/L Power supply 220V/50HZ
Hardness of effluent Less than 0.03mmol/L Control mode flow rate type, time type
Inlet water pressure 0.2 to 0.4Mpa Resin 001×7 strong acidic cation-exchange
Free chlorine Less than 0.3mg/L Working ambient temperature 5-50Centigrade
Suspended solid Less than 0.5mg/L System water temperature 5-45Centigrade
Iron content Less than 0.3mg/L Relative humidity Less than 95%(25Centigrade)


FRP Tank 15m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment 1

working principle

Softening is the ion exchange process, it is done through resin, the most common and probably the easiest method of removing hardness (that is calcium and magnesium) from water and suitable for utility purpose. As the name implies ion exchange is a process in which undesirable ions are exchanged for more desirable ions. The softening process consists of passing raw water containing hardness through a bed of cation resin in sodium form. The hardness ions Ca & Mg are taken up by resin and in exchange, the sodium ions are relinquished from the resin. This is called the service cycle, where the hard water is being softened.

Ca (HCO3)2 + Na2 R = RCa + NaHCO3
CaSO4 + Na2 R = RCa + Na2SO4MgCl2 + Na2
R = RMg + NaCl

Raw water will continue to get softened till the resin gets exhausted. Bringing back the resin to it original form is called regeneration. Softener resin is regenerated by sodium chloride- Nacl (Common salt) solution. The common salt solution is kept in the regeneration tank. During the regeneration process, salt solution is injected by the ejector tube into softener. The Nacl (salt solution) replaces ca, Mg (Hardness) from the resin, the regeneration is done every day or every few days or every week depending upon the usage and design of the water softener plant.

RCa + NaCl = RNa + CaCl2
RMg + NaCl = RNa + MgCl2




Packaging & Shipping

Package: wooden cases into container

Delivery: 7-10 working days after deposit received in advance

Shipping methods: FOB Shanghai or by air

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