• 40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System
  • 40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System
  • 40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System
  • 40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System
40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System

40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fenigal/OEM
Certification: CE/NSF etc.
Model Number: UVS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wood Crate/Carton or Naked wrapped by film
Delivery Time: 15~30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc.
Supply Ability: 200 set per month
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Detail Information

Lifespan Of UV Lamp: 9000-12000 Hours Flow Rate: 80--1000 Ton/Hour
UV Wavelength: 254nm Working Pressure: (0.6 Mpa)6kg/Cm2
Power Supply: 110V, 220V, 380V Lamp Power(W):: 8-40
High Light:

40m3/H ultraviolet water sterilizer system


254nm uv light water sterilization system


6kg/cm2 uv light water sterilization system

Product Description

40m3 / Hour 254nm UV Light Water Sterilization System

UV Water Sterilization Systems 40m3/Hour deactivating pathogens and parasites


New in design, very compact and highly efficient, with the stamp of our focus on quality: high grade electro polished stainless steel, and a superior leak proof design.



Using stainless steel direct from Salem Steel, each ESC Lite Chamber is electropolished assuring better surface finish and corrosion free performance.


Perfectly matched and suited for the UV lamp the new ECS Lite power supply provides upto 50% greater UV output as compared to local ballasts/power supplies which are typically designed for tubelights.


Assured performance in a compact design. Uses same technology used to design rockets and Formula 1 cars!


Each ECS Lite uses only genuine high purity fused silica Quartz directly imported by Alfaa UV. Better quartz = better efficiency.

Maximum Concentration Levels (Very Important)

Iron ≤0.3ppm(0.3mg/L)
Hardness ≤7gpg(120mg/L)
Turbidity ≤1NTU
Manganese ≤0.05ppm(0.05mg/L)
Tannins ≤0.1ppm(0.3mg/L)
UV Transmittance ≥750‰


Effectively treating water with higher concentration levels than listed above can be accomplished, but may require added measures to improve water quality to treatable levels. If, for any reason, it is believed the UV transmission is not satisfactory, contact the factory.

UV wavelength (nm)


DOSAGE is the product of intensity & time

dosage=intensity*time=micro watt/cm2*time=microwatt-seconds per square centimeter




As a general guideline, the following are some typical UV transmission rates (UVT)

City water supplies 850-980‰
De-ionized or Reverse Osmosis water 950-980‰
Surface waters(lakes, rivers, etc) 700-900‰
Ground water(wells) 900-950‰
Other liquids 10-990‰


Capital cost Lowest High Low
Ease of installation Good Poor Excellent
Ease of Maintenance Good Poor Excellent
Cost of Maintenance Medium High Lowest
Operating Cost Low High Low
Frequency Of Maintenance Frequent Continuous V. Infrequent
Control System Poor Good Excellent
Virucidal Effect Good Poor Good
Toxic Chemical Yes Yes No
Residual Effect Problem with Yes Yes No
Hazards High Yes Low to none
Contact Time 30 - 60 minutes High 1 – 5seconds
Disinfection Performance Leaves some pathogens Kills all microbes Kills all microbes
Effect on Water Organochlorine compounds, Taste & pH changes Unknown None
The Ultra violet dose required for destruction is about the same for each virus, while higher dose of chlorine & ozone needed.


UV Disinfection System is an extremely effective way to combat microbial contamination in water. However, microbes have to be exposed to UV-C light in the proper amount in order to effectively disinfect the water. UV Disinfection Systems are used in many different applications ranging from the purification of drinking water in individual homes to disinfecting water supply of entire townships to industrial wastewater treatment. UV treatment for water is recognized as a safer and more cost-effective way to disinfect water for industrial applications


UV Water Sterilization Systems 40m3/Hour deactivating pathogens and parasites

1] What Is UV Disinfection System?

In UV water disinfection technology, Ultraviolet light of wavelength 253.7 nanometers is used for disinfection of bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, and other microorganisms, which multiply and grow. UV disinfection technology destroys the DNA of microorganisms which leaves them dead and unable to grow further. UV disinfection technology can be used for drinking water disinfection, process water disinfection, wastewater disinfection, and surface disinfection. Other than disinfection applications, this technology can also be used for TOC removal and Ozone destruction. Plus, there is the UV sterilizer for hospitals, factories and offices.

2] How Does UV Disinfection System Work?

In the UV water disinfection technology, the UV light disinfects by penetrating microorganisms and destroying their DNA. DNA plays an important role in organisms’ functions and reproduction hence destroying the DNA prevents the organism from being active and multiplying. This UV energy (wavelength of 240-280 nm) is also naturally found in sunlight in very small quantities. The same energy is produced in stronger intensities with the help of high mercury discharge lamps, commonly known as UV lamps.

3] Industrial Applications of UV Disinfection System

Ultraviolet disinfection system is not simply a lamp inside a pipe. The UV Reactor must be designed to ensure that all microbes receive sufficient exposure to the UV light (dose). Based on the hydraulic properties of water; the reactor needs to be optimized to guide the flow in a manner so as to maximize residence time and boost turbulence.

Few Examples :

    • Food and Beverage – UV disinfection system can help to achieve a High-quality of water as per specifications laid down by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration)
    • Bio- Pharmaceutical – Water used in Pharmaceutical and healthcare products and for CIP (Cleaning in Place) must be free of chemicals like chlorine, ozone, and pathogens. Most pharmaceutical companies depend on UV systems for water disinfection.
    • Cosmetics – Water that is free of microorganisms and toxins ensure quality and enhance the shelf life of cosmetics. UV Sterilization is the preferred choice for the cosmetic industry across the globe.
    • Centralized Drinking Water – A UV drinking water disinfection system is an easy, affordable solution to ensure pure water in each and every tap of your home or office
    • Waste Water Disinfection and Reuse – To combat the problems of water scarcity and the rising cost of fresh water, UV Disinfection can help by treating the wastewater in the tertiary stage. UV systems that are specially designed for wastewater can thus disinfect wastewater so that the water can be reused for secondary purposes such as flushing and gardening.
    • Swimming Pools – Traditionally, chlorine has been in use to ensure clean water in swimming pools. However, it is increasingly being known that with chemical disinfection, chemical reacts with many other organic matters to form hundreds of new chemicals which are harmful. While UV is recognized as a safer and more cost-effective way to disinfect swimming pools.

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