• 300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • 300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • 300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • 300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
  • 300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment
300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment

300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fenigal/OEM
Certification: CE/UL/NSF etc.
Model Number: MFS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wood Crate/Carton or Naked wrapped by film/Containerized
Delivery Time: 15~30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc.
Supply Ability: 200 set per month
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Detail Information

Technology: Pressurized Filtration Material: Carbon Steel/FRP/stainless Steel
Design: Skid Mount/containerized Water Temp.: 5~35˚C
Water Flow Rate: Up To 1,000 M3/day.vessel Voltage: 380V,415V,220V,can Be Customized
Application: Surface, Underground Water, Sewage Water Treatment Size: Dia.20cm~180cm
Control: Electronic,Manual/PLC
High Light:

300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment


15m/h Multimedia Filter Water Treatment


300m3/H sand filter for drinking water

Product Description

300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment

FRP/Carbon Steel Sand Media Filter Tank for Drinking Water Treatment

Features of the water filter
Simple sand filter device structure, operation, backwash more convenient, its operations mainly through regulating four valves, change the water direction changes.

Quartz sand filling should be noted: quartz sand interception layer specification 0.5-1.0mm, a height of 700mm or more, the support layerhas two layers, namely, 1-2mm in height packed 150-200mm ,2-3mm in height packed 150 -200mm. Untreated water, its interceptioncapabilities 0.5-1.0Kg/m3, after water lime treatment, the interception capacity of 1.5-2.0 Kg/m3, coagulation treatment for the treated water, the interception capacity of 2.5-3.0 Kg/m3.

Technical details:


Raw water requirement:

  • Iron content: ≤20mg/L;
  • Manganese content: ≤3mg/L;
  • Raw water turbidity: <20FTU;
  • Alkalinity: ≤2mg/L;

Working Environment Parameters

  • Working Temperature:5-60℃
  • Working pressure: ≤0.6MPa

Operating Parameters

  • Working style: pressure style
  • Operating style: Current top-down
  • Filter speed: 6-10m/h(remove iron),5-8m/h(remove manganese)
  • Operation period: it depends on raw water condition, not less than 8 hours


Filter technology parameters:


Filter filtration rate: 8 ~ 300m3 / h

Flow Velocity: 8-15m/h
Backwash time: 10 to 15 minutes
Working pressure: ≤ 0.6Mpa

Water outlet: 2-5mg/L

Water inlet: <10mg/L

Water outlet: <2mg/L

Design temperature: 5 ~ 50C
Single sand filter straight Height: 1500mm
Activated carbon / cationic resin filter Height: 1000mm


Key Specifications / Features

Name: Sand Filter.
Material: Carbon Steel SA516M Gr.485.
Manufacture Code: Passport.
Specification: ID 2600mm x 2200mm/102 Inch x 86 Inch.
Design Pressure: 0.6 MPa/6 Bar/87 PSI.
Design Temperature: 40℃/104℉.

How Sand Filter works?

Sand filter is a great water purification equipment which use sand as filter media to remove suspended solids for

irrigation water, cooling water, swimming pool water etc.

sand filters use this simple but very effective method to give you the filtration you need to clean your water. Water

enters sand filter and is channeled to the top of the filter and falls on a bed of sand. Filtered water then exits through

laterals at the bottom of the filter and the trapped dirt in the sand is removed via periodic backwashing and infrequent

sand replacement. This sand filter is easy to install and very simple to maintain.

300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment 0

300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment 1


300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment 2

300m3/H Multimedia Filter Water Treatment 3

Using scope for Sand Filter Machine

1. Chemical: Resin powder, palette, washing powder, paint, soda and citric acid, etc.

2. Abrasive material and ceramic industry: alumina, arnaceous quartz, slurry, and spray soil grain etc.

3. Food industry: Sugar, salt, Alkali, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, soybean milk, yeast, juice, soy sauce, vinegar etc.

4. Paper Making Industries: Coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid and waste water reclamation, etc.

5. Metallurgy and mining: Titanium oxide, zinc oxide, electromagnetism materials, metal materials, welding rod materials, etc.

Carbon Steel Sand Filter/Multimedia Filter/Pressure Filter Tank

Activated carbon filter is mainly using granular activated carbon adsorption mechanism to adsorb organic matter and residual chlorine in water , to remove the colloid, iron compound, suspended solids, reduce the chromaticity and turbidity, and ensure the follow-up of water treatment in good operation, the device has good filtering efficiency, low operating cost, easy operation, etc.

In the field of water treatment, activated carbon filter is primarily used for removing the tiny pollutants in the water, the range of application include decoloring, in addition to smell, remove all kinds of soluble organic matters.In the water purifying process,which can be used as an ion exchange and electroosmosis analysis, the reverse osmosis pretreatment, removal of organic matter, colloid and residual chlorine, etc.The activated carbon filter in our company, according to the type of control can be divided into manual type and automatic type , according to the tank material can be divided into FRP tank, carbon steel, stainless steel pot, pot wall can do polyurea corrosion or according to user requirements rubber lining anticorrosion.

The multi-media filtration water Water treatment equipment mainly takes the quartz sand,blind coal and so on as the filtration medium to remove the suspended solids,mechanical impurities,organics and to lower the turbidity of the water.


The active carbon filtration water treatment equipment mainly takes the active carbon as the filtration medium to absorb & remove the pigment,organics,residual clorine and colloid etc in the water.


The manganese sand filter mainly takes the natural or synthetic manganese sand as the filtration medium to remove the divalent iron ions,manganese ions in the water and to lower the turbidity of the raw water



The multi-media filter

It is able to remove the big suspended solids, lower the water SDI,meet the requirement for the deep purification water;

advantages:cost saving;lower operating expense;easy to operate;the filtering media can be used repeatedly after backwashing;long service life

The active carbon filter

High efficiency;lower operating expense;lower maintaining charges;lower one-time investment;lower head loss;lower requirement for inflow water quality;stable effluent quality;brilliant filtration,easy to reorganize & expand,smaller land covering,good appearance

The residual clorine in the water after being filtered by active carbon filter is no more than 0.1PPM

The performance to remove the odar,organics,colloid,iron and residual clorine is outstanding;

It's conductive to lower the turbidity,chroma,water quality purification and to reduce the pollution to follow-up systems

The manganese sand filter

Smaller filtration resistance,the specific surface area is bigger,higher deironing efficiency

Diversified running modes,both manual operation and PLC full automatic running is acceptable;in automatic mode,it can be controlled by plane multitanderm valve or several automatic valves


The Filtering Process
Filtering with media filters, also known as depth filtration, is done by filtering water through a thick layer of graded particles, called the filter bed. These particles can be sand, gravel or other granular materials. The filtration degree depends on the effective size of the bedding and the water velocity through the filter.
Raw water enters from the filter inlet (1) and percolates through the filter bed (2). Suspended materials come into contact and attach to the media particles. Clean water flows through the filtration nozzles (3) and out of the filter via the outlet valve (4).
The gradual dirt buildup in the filter bed causes an increase in the pressure differential across the filter and when it reaches its maximum design value, a cleaning process should be performed. In automatic media filter installations a pressure differential switch senses the pressure differential and when it reaches a preset value, the self cleaning process begins

The Cleaning Process
Cleaning is done by backwashing; pressurized water flows in reverse direction – from the nozzles upwards, causing suspension of the filter bed, thus releasing the suspended matter from the bedding. The dirt particles are then washed out of the filter through the back-flush valve. In automatic media filters installations the cleaning process is done by the system's controller. When the pressure differential switch senses that the differential pressure across the system reached a pre-set value, a signal is sent to the flushing controller and the self cleaning process begins.

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